Energy Management

Energy saving, the environment and global warming are hot topics within industry and did you know that electrical motors account for almost two thirds of all energy used.

At Tri-cal we can help you play your part in saving the environment, by reducing your company's carbon footprint and (here's the best bit) ultimately SAVE MONEY in the process, by reducing energy consumption.

There are several things you can do to reduce your company's energy consumption, some of which are blatantly obvious and others may be less so.

As a good start you can:

Make sure that unnecessary lights are switched off in un-used areas. Better still fit energy saving light fittings.

Turn down the heating ever so slightly.

Turn down the water heat settings.

Switch off appliances when they are not in use.

...and now for the less obvious...

Have an EMS (Energy Management System) fitted. Energy Management Systems in industry have a typical payback of around 12 months. By taking regular readings and logging the data received, actual energy and/or water consumption can be monitored throughout the entire site. The EMS is able to provide the factory manager with accurate information which will alert him to any change in patternĀ or above average reading. Once you are aware of where the highest energy costs lie within your factory, then it is far easier to tackle the issue and ultimately reduce consumption and costs.

Electric motors are one of the biggest consumers of electricity within industry today and motors are at their most efficient when running at full speed. By fitting a frequency inverter to electrical motors it is possible to closely match the input energy to the output load required and save energy. In applications such as pumps, fans and compressors where there is variable torque, the potential for energy saving is even greater, because an inverter consumes much less energy when running at a lower speed.

The actual start up of a motor uses between 2 and 10 times more electrical current than during it's normal operation and it's easy to see how constantly starting and stopping a motor can waste a huge amount of energy and the bigger the motor the bigger the energy cost. This energy can be greatly reduced by fitting a soft starter to a motor which will start the motor and bring it up to the required speed gradually, reducing what is known as the inrush current, ultimately saving energy.

Tri-cal are committed to helping you reduce energy consumption. Why not call us to find out more.